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Tracing the routes of history

The rain poured down in torrents that beat against my back. My freezing hands desperately grasped my hood, trying in vain to...

Opening the door to conversation

The Center for Ethics held its opening event of this year’s program: Borders, Nationalisms, Identities: The Ethics of Global Citizenship, on Tuesday,...

Troubling Truth Student Engagement Day

Last Friday, Apr. 20, was the Center for Ethics’ (CFE) first student run program this year. Over the course of the day, various discussions...

Deciding the debate: Center for Ethics speaker selection

The Trouble with Truth is not that no one believes it — but that we all believe different versions. The Muhlenberg Center for Ethics, whose...

Who is holding the camera?

Academy Award-nominated Elaine McMillion Sheldon shared her latest documentary in Miller Forum, Moyer Hall on Monday, Feb. 13, as part of the Center For...

Address both sides on the discussion of Israeli and Palestinian conflict

The Miller Forum was buzzing with energy and conversation right up until the minute the clock hit 7 p.m. When the evening’s speaker, Dr....

The need for open-mindedness in the climate surrounding Dr. Atshan’s talk

Sa'ed Atshan presented an incredibly well-researched, eloquent and necessary talk on Feb. 1. As the only Palestinian on campus, no words would serve justice...

Hard pressed but not crushed

“It’s very difficult for us to discuss Palestine here in the United states,” began Dr. Maura Finkelstein, the co-director of Center for Ethics. “This...

“Welcome to Trans-Reality”

“Making our gender real is what we trans-people do, and we bring our worlds with us,” Dr. Susan Stryker began with during her speech...

A “Troubling” ruse

On Monday Oct. 2, Muhlenberg’s Center for Ethics invited co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement in Canada, Janaya Khan, to feature as a...