Rachel Jacobs '25 jumps to spike the ball at the opponent. Photo by Louis Cocco '23

As the volleyball season comes to an end in less than a week, the team is more determined than ever to finish the season strongly. Sitting at a 10-12 overall record and 3-6 within the Centennial Conference, the Mules are hoping to end on a winning streak and finalize their turbulent season. With just two more games left, against Franklin & Marshall and Lebanon Valley, the team has two more chances to compete and play together before the season is finished. Throughout the season, the team has been motivated and concentrated on being the best version of themselves on the court, whether in practices or games. 

Megan Ray ‘22, finishing up her last season as the only senior on the team, is focusing on spending these last few games with her teammates. “We prepare mentally by being present with one another each practice and supporting each other each step of the way,” says Ray. 

The bond between each member of the team not only brings them together, but allows them to play at their highest potential. Ray also explains this bond even further, saying that, “The most important lesson I’ve learned from this experience is that it doesn’t matter how many wins and losses you have in your athletic career, what matters are the forever friends you’ve made who will be by your side for the rest of your life.” The team’s overall drive has been important, but the bond within this team is what makes this season so much more memorable. 

Amirah Moody ‘23 gave insight into her mindset throughout the season, and feels strongly about the next two games coming up. “While our last game is on Saturday, we are excited because it is Senior Day, and we get to celebrate Megan [Ray], our only senior,” says Moody. 

The team shows their support for all of their teammates, and will be there to support Ray during the final days of the season. Their coach, Rob McVicker, not only dedicates his time to making the team stronger, but he “preaches how we are a family, on and off the court,” Moody continued. 

Coach McVicker gives his expectations for his team heading into their final days of the season. “We are continuing to work on our cohesiveness on the court through the end of the season,” he says. As his first full season being a coach, both him and the team have been adapting to one another. For McVicker, “I think my favorite moments have all come off the court, whether it’s getting to know the individuals better, or seeing them enjoying themselves before a practice or match.”

McVicker commends his players not only for their hard work and progression throughout the season, but also their excitement to be a cohesive unit that strengthens the team. Both the girls and the coach learned what they need to work on during the season. McVicker says, “You never know what each practice or match is going to bring, so being able to adjust on the fly is very important.” 

There is no doubt that Ray is the cornerstone of the team. “Her growth as a player and leader during her time with the program has been a privilege to see,” McVicker says. Ray will be extremely missed by her teammates and coaches, as she brought a lot to the team during her four years contributing.

The team will finish their season off with one game away on the 27th, and their last game, home, at Memorial Hall on Saturday, Oct. 30.


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