Ultimate frisbee team to host first home tournament 

Muhlenberg's Frisbee club plays their first scrimmage. Photo by Assistant Photo Editor Kira Bretsky '27.

Have you heard of Muhlenberg’s ultimate frisbee team, the Flying Squirrels? They are a co-ed intramural team on campus and have gained a ton of participation over the past few years. Currently seeking new members, the team has shared a few informative details on what it means to be a member and how easy it is to join! 

It is important to note that participants do not need any prior ultimate frisbee experience to join the team. President Jonathan Mindiak ‘24 reiterates, “Just show up! The best way to meet the team and get acquainted with the sport is coming to a practice. There are no tryouts! Also, if you reach out, anyone can be added to the weekly email. We practice Monday 8-10 p.m., Wednesday 9-10 p.m. and Thursday 8-10 p.m. In the fall we have two-three tournaments and in the spring it is much more competitive with four to six.”

What is the team culture like? Mindiak offers insight, “The team culture is a mix of having fun and team progress. We form strong bonds on and off the field, and we all push each other to do our best. We understand everyone is at different places, so as long as you show up and do your best, that’s what matters. In the spring it does become a bit more competitive, and we do put in the work, but that doesn’t limit the strong connections we build. I’ve certainly gained a lot from playing ultimate here. Progress in the sport, leadership development and even strengthened discipline. But if there is one thing I’ve enjoyed the most, it’s the people. Some of my best friends are people I’ve gotten close to because of frisbee. I’m very grateful for the time I’ve had with this team.”

Being a Flying Squirrel (in addition to being a Mule) clearly means being a part of a passionate team, too. Go make new friends and memories by trying it out! The team is hosting their first home tournament on Sunday, Nov. 12. Ten schools will be competing in the double elimination style tournament taking place on all three athletic fields. The first games will sound off at 8:30 a.m. and the others will follow after. Make sure to stop by and support. If you want some Flying Squirrel merch, they will be selling it there too! 


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