Jordy Bonvini '18 runs down the field during her 5 goal performance against Bryn Mawr. Photo Courtesy of Muhlenberg Athletics.

Jordy Bonvini ‘18 has been a star on the women’s lacrosse team for the past four years, and her recent accomplishments prove why she is already one of the best lacrosse players Muhlenberg has ever seen.

Specifically, Bonvini managed to score her 150th career goal in recent conference play against Swarthmore. This season she was also able to get her 300th career draw control (faceoff win) and is just one point shy of achieving 200 career points. In the Centennial Conference, Bonvini is in the top 10 in goals scored (38), scoring in all 12 games this season. With just three games remaining in her Muhlenberg career, the 6-6 Mules try to finish the season above 500. “Winning the last 3 games of the season and making the playoffs is very important to me,” said Bonvini.

All of the senior midfielder’s accomplishments this season have been very meaningful, but they will not be as meaningful if the Mules fall short of reaching the postseason.

Working together, winning, and teaching the younger players are important aspects of the team’s success. A lot of the younger women have stepped up in big ways to fill the positions that past strong players have played. Losing seniors in the past has definitely left an impact on the team, which is something that will be very noticeable next season when Bonvini, Eliza Clark ‘18, Kailey Fandl ‘18 and Olivia Nacheff ‘18 are all absent.

On Senior Day, Muhlenberg was able to beat McDaniel 15-6.

“I am going to remember this win, along with many others, for a long time,” said Bonvini.

One of the other major wins that Bonvini is referring to came last year when she scored 4 goals against the national champion, Gettysburg Bullets. Another reason why last season was so meaningful for Bonvini was because she managed to become the first Women’s Lacrosse player in Muhlenberg history to be named an All-American.

Bonvini has without a doubt left her legacy on Muhlenberg athletics. It is not just about all of her accomplishments, but also all that she does for her team as a captain and leader. “Before my Muhlenberg career comes to an end, my number one goal is to make sure that the team succeeds in the future,” stated Bonvini. She hopes to play in the All-Star game this year, as she was nominated by head coach, Kristen Stuckel. For the season, Bonvini leads the team this year in goals (41), shots on goal (85), points (52), and draw controls (80).

When her career does come to an unfortunate end Bonvini can look back in the Muhlenberg record books and see part of that legacy as well. Bonvini is currently 5th in career goals (150), 8th in points (199), 5th most points in a game (10, 2017), 6th most points in a single season (78, 2017) and has racked up 27 career hat tricks.

Bonvini plans on sticking with lacrosse, as she has had a part-time coaching job during the summer. Impressively, two teams in Europe reached out to Bonvini to play, but she already has a job and future plans lined up.

“Before my Muhlenberg career comes to an end, my number one goal is to make sure that the team succeeds in the future,” – Jordy Bonvini ’18

With two games left to play, Bonvini, along with the rest of the women’s lacrosse program aims to end their season on a strong note in two final games (in which Bonvini could potentially sneak a few places up the leaderboards) against Centennial Conference rivals Ursinus and Franklin & Marshall.


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