Fantasy football first timer


Ladies and Gentlemen, patience is a virtue. Just remember that. Last week I came out on top with a score of 192.08 points. My first win! Cooper Kupp came off injured reserve and scored 19.8 points but my true love of the week was DJ Moore. Moore scored 49 points. 49 points. Forty- nine points. 

Unfortunately, I lost this week and Moore only scored 10.1 points, which was a bummer. When the Bears faced off against the Commanders in week five, their offensive players scored more. When they played the Vikings in week six, their offensive players scored significantly less. Which brings me to the crux of this week’s edition. Pay attention to which team your players are facing and sub out as needed. If your players are one the best in their position, keep them in always; if they’re “mid,” as my friends say, look at the defense of the team they are opposing. If the defense is good, then the offense will have a harder time scoring points, which means fewer points in fantasy. If the defense is poor, then the offense will have an easier time scoring points, which means more points in fantasy. 

For those who are unaware, offensive players are those who attempt to get the ball into the end zone. They can catch and throw the ball and include quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, and more. While defensive players attempt to prevent the offensive players from reaching the end-zone with the ball. They can only catch the ball and they include linebackers, cornerbacks and more. 

In conclusion, pay attention to who your players are versing against week-to-week and make sure to sub-out accordingly. 

A very special thank you to William Rose ‘27 for helping me.


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