Voting PSA


With primary election day coming up on May 17, ‘Berg students are encouraged to register and vote in the Pennsylvania primary election. Students can register to vote online or by mail using the BergVotes tables located in Seegers Union on Apr. 28 or May 5. The deadline for online registration is May 2 and absentee ballot applications must be received by May 10. Students who will not be on campus on May 17 must request an absentee ballot. As for the voting process, students on campus on Election Day can cast their votes via the polling location in Seegers Union. Those who will not be on campus should vote by mail via their absentee ballots. All students are encouraged to take part in the voting process for electing Pennsylvania’s next U.S. Senator and governor. Candidates for Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional district, 14th State Senate district and other local offices are also included in this primary election. Voting protects our democracy and can help change the future of the state and the nation, so remember to vote! More information regarding the voting process can be found at, the official website for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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