Student Government election results: meet your new leaders

The elected students join SGA with new initiatives to better the student experience on campus.

Photo courtesy of @bergstudentgov on Instagram.

The Student Government Association (SGA) has announced the outcome of the 2023 General Election, which took place on Apr. 23 and 24. Over 20 students ran for election, eager to serve as leaders of Muhlenberg’s student community, and 650 students cast their votes to elect new leaders.

The elected executive board are as follows:

President: Jake Forstein ‘24

Vice President: Andrew Buckwalter ‘24

Treasurer: Evan Lipman ‘24

Director of Communications: Margery Leit ‘24

Recording Secretary: Noah Berger ‘24

Campus Engagement Chair: Aidan Silvestri ‘25

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Chair: Bethany Qian ‘25

Jake Forstein ‘24 is majoring in biochemistry on the pre-med track. Throughout their campaign, Forstein emphasized the pillars of communication, support and advocacy. Forestein states, “a new ad-hoc [is] in the work[s] focused on supporting commuter students, with one of our new representatives, Vivian Jaber ‘24, set to chair the committee,” as part of his advocacy efforts. He plans to support club leaders by starting a club president support group, “where club leaders can meet to collaborate, give each other advice and just build a network on campus.” They also plan to support students by increasing wages, lowering GQ prices and increasing access to menstrual products and contraceptives on campus. Forstein would like to create SGA town halls “dedicated to hearing feedback from students and discovering big issues facing the student body.”

Andrew Buckwalter ‘24 is double majoring in anthropology and history. He is involved with the musical improv comedy group TBD, the Muhlenberg Comedy Association and Too Much Light. While running unopposed, Buckwalter learned “how passionate Muhlenberg students are when it comes to topics they care about.” He aims to make requesting funds from SGA less intimidating and improve the accessibility and clarity of the bylaws for both SGA and non-SGA members.

Evan Lipman ‘24 is majoring in biology and minoring in public health on the pre-med track. He is involved in Alpha Phi Omega (APO) and Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED). This upcoming year will be Lipman’s second year serving as treasurer. While the responsibilities of the finance committee are set, new goals were created. Lipman states, “One goal I have for my committee for the upcoming year is to continue our efforts in planning and implementing a Red Door revamp.” Additionally, he hopes to enhance the visibility of SGA’s financial resources among the student body by organizing various outreach efforts.

Margery Leit ‘24 is pursuing a double major in theater and philosophy. Outside of SGA, you can find her performing with various groups on campus, tutoring Spanish and being a member of APO. Leit states, “I want to make sure that SGA is being as transparent as possible with our work so that we can really make this coming year as successful as possible for all of us.” She is excited to have the opportunity to work directly with students in a fun and informative way. As this is Leit’s last year at Muhlenberg, she says she is “excited to just be getting myself involved with everything I can on campus to make great memories with even better people.”

Noah Berger ‘24 is pursuing media & communications and Jewish studies. Currently studying abroad in Dublin, Ireland, he is also gaining real work experience through an internship. Berger is excited about the role, “as it has expanded immensely since when I joined SGA in the fall of my sophomore year.” He looks forward to continuing working with the voting database and the ambassador program while “thinking of new ways to encourage and allow students on Muhlenberg’s campus to ensure that they know SGA is a resource for them individually, but also for the organizations that they are a part of.”

Aidan Silvestri ‘25 is majoring in media & communications. A few of her involvements on campus are Body Positive Club, MINT* Hip Hop Team, Delta Zeta, Tour Guide, Tutor Program and Summer Advising. She has spent the past year on the campus engagement committee and credits Danny Burden ‘23 for “being such an amazing mentor and guide.” Silvestri is excited “for the Udder Bar Challenge and continuing our More Accessible Muhlenberg project!” 

Bethany Qian ‘25 is pursuing a theater major with a minor in business. To list a few of their involvements, she is on the executive board of the Asian Students Association and the Emerging Leaders Council. In addition, Qian is a Muhlenberg Scholar, a member of the Noteworthy acapella group and is currently the RA for the gender inclusive floor in Walz Hall. Qian was motivated to apply through frustration; they say, “I’ve seen and experienced what it’s like to be a marginalized identity here, and there are significant changes to be made.” She plans to work with the Office of Admissions to ensure diversity within the student body and work with the Office of Multicultural Life (OML) to “ensure effective operations and longevity.” 

Welcome the new administration and say farewell to the old one by joining SGA at the inauguration on May 5, 2023, at 3:00 p.m. in Parent’s Plaza.

Any response from a representative only reflects their personal opinion and not the official stance of SGA as an organization.


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