Muhlenberg hires new dean of global education

Marcia Morgan, Ph.D., the new dean of global education, talks about her experiences studying and living abroad and why she chose this position.


Muhlenberg has just hired a new dean of global education, Marcia Morgan, Ph.D. In addition to being the incoming dean of global education, Morgan is also a professor of philosophy at the College. Morgan earned a B.S. in Accounting from the School of Business at Villanova University in 1992 and a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the New School of Social Research in 2003. She joined the faculty at Muhlenberg College in the Department of Philosophy in 2009. While a full-time professor of Philosophy, Morgan is also an Affiliate Faculty Member in Jewish Studies, Sustainability Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies. She has taught courses that are cross-listed with Neuroscience and Theatre as well.

Morgan explains that she chose this position because of her study abroad experience as a high school and graduate student, a doctoral and postdoctoral researcher, a faculty member and a parent. She hopes to contribute to the growth and sustenance of Muhlenberg College’s global education. She says, “I studied and lived abroad internationally for a total of eight years, and traveled internationally on an intensive research and guest lecture/speaker schedule since then. International travel has been a foundation of my research since 1998 through participation in university curricular programs, conferences and direct work with professors in many venues abroad, including in the Middle East and all of Europe.”

As a Ph.D. candidate in the US, Morgan received the DAAD/Fulbright annual fellowship for completion of her doctoral degree in Germany. She completed post-doctoral research at the Technical University of Dresden in Germany and also served as a Lecturer at Potsdam University in Germany.  

Studying abroad offers a tremendous opportunity for students to enhance their readiness for future difficulties in an increasingly interconnected world. Studying abroad at reputable universities in Europe, Australia, Asia, Latin America and Africa is encouraged for Muhlenberg College students majoring in any of the social sciences, arts and humanities. Through involvement in off-campus activities both domestically and abroad, the Office of Global Education aims to offer academic opportunities for students and faculty members to build global awareness and exposure to other traditions and perspectives.

At Muhlenberg, Morgan has served on the Fulbright  Faculty Committee for several years, on the Prestigious Awards Committee and on the President’s Awards Faculty Committee. Morgan is responsible for overseeing a majority of the global education office’s operations. This includes communicating with members of the Muhlenberg community and keeping them up to date with developments in their programs. Other responsibilities include accommodations, budgeting and coordination of student involvement in study abroad programs.

In her new position, Morgan says, “My hopes and plans for the new position are to bring stability and longevity to the global education program at the College; and to help further develop global education on our campus so that it flourishes not only through study abroad, but also through generative and nuanced integration of transnational learning in Muhlenberg’s curricular and co-curricular programs. [I am] very excited to begin this new position, and to learn and grow with the students, faculty and staff who engage in different ways with global education at Muhlenberg.”

Matthew Baresh ‘25, who is studying abroad in the Spring 2024 semester, says, “I’m so relieved that we have a new dean of global education. I’m studying abroad next semester in France and the recent commotion at the office of global education was starting to make me nervous. I planned on studying abroad since I was a freshman and would’ve hated to see that opportunity taken away. I’m so glad that Dean Morgan was hired and hope that she eases the stresses of other students as well.”

Samantha Winegard ‘24 is also glad that there is a new director, stating “I went abroad to Stockholm Sweden to DIS, and it took me almost a year to get my transcript put on my transcript here, and so I think having a new director will get the process moving along faster, especially for getting GARs [fulfilled] and graduating on time.”

“The hiring of a new dean was definitely reassuring in knowing that not only there is a dean but that she also has experience with global education at Muhlenberg so I trust her,” shared Lena Bromberg ‘25. “Overall I am glad that the position is filled by someone knowledgeable about the school and our abroad program.”

Lena Bromberg ‘25 was previously unaware of the new hire, stating “honestly I am shocked because that is so important to know since that’s who I’ll be working with.”

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