Midterm Madness

Candidates gear up for the race in PA's 132nd State House district.

The Muhlenberg Weekly is committed to informing the student body about the upcoming midterm election. In our new column, we will outline key races that ‘Berg students can vote in. We have reached out to every candidate for their responses on a couple of critical questions. Below are the responses from the candidates for Pennsylvania’s 132nd State House district: 

Representative Mike Schlossberg ‘05:

Can you briefly illustrate a couple (2-4) of your key policies or issues that you are planning to focus on if reelected? 

“The two biggest ones I focus on are education and mental health. Both areas desperately need more resources. The education piece really matters to Allentown, which has one of the most underfunded districts in the state. As someone who graduated 17 years ago and is still paying off college loans, I completely understand the need to increase funding for higher education as well.

I’ve been very open about my own struggles with depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation, and used my own experiences to destigmatize mental illness. One of my most important goals is to put more money behind mental illness, increase access to treatment and reduce suicides.”

How do you think your potential reelection could benefit college students, specifically those at Muhlenberg? 

“First and foremost, students want their voices heard. Muhlenberg brought me to Allentown (I’m from New Jersey–my dirty political secret). The school—and the students who attend it—will always have a special place in my heart.

But, I think students want someone who shares their values. I’ve fought for education and mental health, yes. But I’m very proudly progressive. I’m 100 percent pro-choice and endorsed by Planned Parenthood. I’m pro-gun control, pro-LGBTQ rights and pro-democracy. I believe in science. COVID is real. So is climate change. I think Muhlenberg students want someone whose views are based in reality. I think that’s me.”

Bethney Finch:

Candidate Finch did not respond to the Weekly’s request for comment. So, the following information is derived from her website. 

“I’m a hard-working professional and also a wife and mother of three. I’ve been defending our children at Parkland school board meetings on topics like: CRT, illegal mandates and medical freedom. I am the founder of Freedom for Choice PA, a grass roots group of about 3000 members. We rallied for our healthcare workers, educators and others to take on the Department of Health & the Secretary of Health. I am passionate about defending our Constitutional God given inalienable freedoms! I will never be a typical self-serving politician. I will be your advocate.”

Katie is a Media & Communication and Political Science double major in the class of 2024. When she's not working on the paper you can find her blasting Taylor Swift, reading Jane Austen, or crying over Little Women (2019).


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