Midterm Madness

Photo from @joshshapiropa on Twitter. Photo from doug4gov.com

The Muhlenberg Weekly is committed to informing the student body about the upcoming midterm election. In our new column, we will outline key races that ‘Berg students can vote in. We have reached out to every candidate for their responses on a couple of critical questions. Below are the responses from the candidates for Pennsylvania’s governor:

Josh Shapiro:  

Can you briefly illustrate a couple (2-4) of your key policies or issues that you are planning to focus on if reelected?:

As Governor, my top priorities are creating opportunity for Pennsylvania children by improving our education system, building a stronger economy by creating jobs, cutting taxes and lowering costs and making our communities safer all across the Commonwealth. In order to move Pennsylvania forward and build a better future for our children, we must work together to achieve these key priorities.

A strong economy, good schools and safe communities are the pillars of my vision for Pennsylvania—and making this our reality will guide everything I do as Governor. I believe there is far more that unites us than divides us—and when it comes to protecting our communities and building a Commonwealth that is the best place for businesses and families to thrive, I’ll work with anybody to get it done.

How do you think your potential reelection could benefit college students, specifically those at Muhlenberg?

I’ve been focused on reducing student debt from Pennsylvania families. That’s why, as Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, I took on the predatory lenders and returned $130 million to Pennsylvania students and families who got screwed and taken advantage of. College shouldn’t mean a lifetime of debt and there should be more opportunities for people who don’t want to go to college. I’m focused on what we can do here in Pennsylvania to make college more affordable and to help Pennsylvanians chart their own course. 

Doug Mastriano: 

Mastriano did not respond to The Weekly. 

On his website, Mastriano describes a “plan” with several major topics involved including: personal freedoms, election integrity, the second amendment, the right to life, safe and secure communities, illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, parental rights and school curriculum, school safety and women’s sports, school choice, PA’s energy sector, lower taxes, lifting regulations, fiscal responsibility and cleaning up the Harrisburg “swamp.”

Katie is a Media & Communication and Political Science double major in the class of 2024. When she's not working on the paper you can find her blasting Taylor Swift, reading Jane Austen, or crying over Little Women (2019).


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