To Deserving the World and Knowing it


Some goodbyes are harder than others

a saddened look and tight embrace will not suffice 

words expressed are mere silhouettes of my condolences

but I am glad you left 

No longer a feeling of insufficiency

I know I deserve the world 

To the part of me that said I was undeserving

thank you for your lessons but you were not supposed to be the one to teach them to me 

To my mind

I apologize for letting an unwelcome guest stay past their lease 

we’ve lost something we did not need 

A tenant that was brave and persistent 

lived off insecurity checks and loud mouth discounts 

paid in cheap insults and was never late with its monthly 

“this is what you deserve” bills

For that, I am learning how to be punctual 

To the part of me that said I was undeserving 

you will never be forgotten 

your absence makes room for better and bigger memories 

but yours will be stored away for inspiration

For that, A toast to your eviction


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