The White Man’s House


Growing up, I heard great stories about the white man, who brought civilization to my land

I was taught how to speak like him, dress like him, and worship like him

I was told I can only be successful if I am like the white man

I can only be beautiful if I am like the white man

And so my dream was to become like the white man

One day my dream became a reality, I traveled across the Atlantic to the “white man’s land.” There I saw a white castle, where the white man and his family lived happily. I was exhilarated, I wanted to join them but I was immediately stopped. I was told I belong in the mud

People like me worked in the mud day and night, rain or shine

Our identity, origin, and dignity were robbed. It was a prayer, it was a hope but now it is a fight. A fight that will transcend throughout generations, not to enter the white man’s house but to build one of our own someday 


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