Sometimes I don’t exist

Sandy, malleable bits drag over me,

Soak me up, disperse me, I could be

nothing but a smeared blur,

I hate to be seen, remembered,

I wish to be forgotten, take away

The mark I made,

Write around me, protect your words,

Preserve yourself.

Sometimes I am wiped from the page,

Can’t be

Perceived, forced to act, be something

Anything to anybody,

Let me go, let me be

Somebody that never happened, a thought

That was never expressed,

A vision that didn’t need to be seen.

Sometimes I need to redraw myself,

Resurfacing from nothing,

Reconceptualized, redefined,

Made by a hand without an eye,

I emerge as doodlebob,

Isn’t that funny?

A parody of myself,

What else am I supposed to be?

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