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Hey, besties! Welcome back to another week of Paige’s Page! This week it seems people have acclimated enough to campus that they are back to looking for love. And though I am no expert in that department, you keep asking these questions so I must be doing something right. Let’s get started! 

Hey Paige, do you think men and women can ever just be friends? 

Hi, bestie! This is such a fun question and one I’m surprised Paige’s Page has never answered before! Truthfully, I think they can. As a cis/het woman, I can only give my perspective, but feel free to take this advice as it pertains to you because I think it’s pretty general. Being friends with people that you are attracted to is a really tricky situation to put yourself into as fears of ruining your friendship are certainly a factor in one or both parties making a move. Sometimes, however, you can be repulsed by the person you are friends with in a physical way and those emotional connections can sneak up on you. God knows that has happened to me a few more times than I am proud to admit. I think setting boundaries for yourself in these situations helps to stop confusing platonic feelings as being romantic. However, some of the best relationships I have gotten the chance to see happen between those close to me started as beautiful friendships. Basically, just don’t rule it out. Be friends with whoever you want to be friends with and worry about all of that later. Sometimes being forced to confront this question yourself will help you decide what your friendship with another person means to both of you. 

Hi Paige, I was talking to someone I have a few classes with and will continue to be in classes with but it didn’t work out. How do I keep it from being weird in class? 

Hey, bestie! The classroom is a difficult place to see people you used to be involved with but unfortunately, things like that are out of your control. Depending on the kind of person you are, that can be calming or more anxiety-inducing: choose your adventure! Anyways, we go to a small school and thus our classes are a lot smaller than other schools so you can’t hide in a crowd of 40+ other students to avoid the one you don’t want to see. And because of this, you must face them in this setting. Sit as far away from them as you can, hope that your professor doesn’t like to make groups for projects themselves…or have a conversation to clear the air so things can be civil and normal. It’s only weird if you make it weird, so the ball is in your court. Good luck, bestie!

Hi Paige! I got kind of catfished by a guy I was talking to on Tinder. He did not look like his pictures and he was kind of awful to me. Has this happened to you?

Hey, bestie! Sorry about this… eww… I cannot say that this is something I have personally experienced. Online dating, as a concept, is something that I am generally confused about and also shamelessly bad at. Give me an ability to swipe for temporary male validation and I am happy as a clam, but I literally will not do anything other than that. Happy for you for breaking through the screen, or at least trying. Obviously, on these apps, you want to put your best foot forward and put pictures of yourself that put you in the best possible light. Ultimately, if you plan to actually see these people IRL then the pictures should probably look like you. Also if he was not nice to you, obviously you shouldn’t see him again. He has to pick a struggle, is he going to be ugly, or is he going to be rude? You can do better.  

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