Ode to time


please slow down.

don’t you ever get tired of moving so fast?

how does it feel to never run out of breath?

never having to stop to catch your breath?

always at the front of the finish line.

the rest of the galaxy trying to keep up with you. 

the rest of the world working on your time. 

inconsiderate of human time. 

who made you anyway?

who said 24 hours of you in one day?

what if i wanted 88 hours in one day? 

88 hours in one day.

could you give me that? 

or could you pause so i could catch up and

then start again?

it feels like i’m racing with you 

but the race never ends

and you speed so far away

i can’t even see a speck of you

before i remember that 

i work on your time. 

you teach me nothing lasts too long,

nothing lasts as long or as short as i want. 

only you call the shots.

you decide how long the good and bad things last.

please time speed the bad times up and slow the good times down.

we don’t get enough of each. 

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