It’s A Different Type Of Desert Here In Topeka

Image by Gidon Pico on Pixabay

“We’re in a new type of desert,”

Said the soldier with a rifle on his shoulder.

The crinkles of his shirt, covered with dust from the earth.

Libyan soldiers in Topeka, the government said we need ‘em, to show how the world can change.

“If there are US troops in Libya, why can’t the reverse be the same,” a young man asked. His thought was cast, to the politicians. They asked the elites, the elites they feared, of this thought that had appeared, and they said “Hey that’s a good idea”.

“Come on men arise, we are ordered from our countryside,”

The brave men, ready to fight and die, asked their commander why?

“The US has been so kind, to pay for us to fly, through the star filled light.”

So they leave their families and home behind, to march towards a different time.

So here we stand today, in a country far away. Our rifles pastel gray, we number fourty to eight, as we looked to the sky.

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