Cure for an Existential crisis


My eyes are to see the orange leaves of autumn

My mind to imagine the charming smile of an unborn child

My hands to experience plucking fresh green leafs from my neighbor’s garden

My ears to hear the chirping birds and singing humans 

My nose to sustain nostalgia from the smell of forgotten books

My smile to encourage those around me 

And, of course, I exist to see the beauty in all, not to criticize the perfection of all that exists. 

Equality 7-2521 would agree


 we all had the same faces, 

had similar hair,

 thought similar thoughts,

learned similar things,

had similar goals,

had similar favorite things

And had similar bodies

I wouldn’t want to live. 

Perhaps this is too radical of a thought

And maybe it wouldn’t even be “that bad”

Yet, each day that passes we’re inching closer and

 closer to conformity with our hard-earned capitals stretched out towards any hand that promises similarity.  


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