ACE is out


The first time I walked into The Muhlenberg Weekly office, I was a junior. I became interested in journalism through taking my media and communication electives with Professor Sara Vigneri and thought it would be fun to try it outside the classroom. That fall felt like my freshman year—starting over again and meeting new people.

The previous managing editors took me under their wings, where I learned the ropes and even wrote some news pieces. When I started coming to production night, I loved the newsroom energy and sitting next to Kat Dickey. I made late-night rituals with Alex Blum, who gave me my nickname, “ACE.” I thought it was so newsy, but it was probably because there couldn’t be two Alexes.

I always knew I liked writing, but being a journalist came later, through an internship with Sara at the Allentown Voice. I wrote a long-form piece about evictions in Allentown, sparking my curiosity for community-centered reporting. I had a revelation; I could do this as a real job. Throughout college, as an English and media and communication double major, I have prided myself in saying that I would never get a real job. But, through all this, I finally found something I could see myself actually doing.

I tasked myself with applying to grad schools, and starting this July will attend the Newhouse School at Syracuse University to study for my M.A. in Magazine, News and Digital Journalism. By taking classes in data reporting and multimedia, I will go outside my comfort zone (newspapers) and gain connections in the industry and beyond.

I don’t know where I’ll be a year from now, but I know I will miss The Weekly office the most. I will never forget all the time I spent here, especially with the people who helped me become the journalist I am today. Thank you Sara, for supporting me and always letting me do my thing. Thank you Cydney, for being both a friend and role model. There is nothing like your first college newspaper.

Alex Caban-Echevarria ’23 is double majoring in media & communication and English. She is the Assistant Editor of the Allentown Voice, a non-profit student journalism lab and a Pro Publica Emerging Reporter for the 2022-2023 academic year.


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