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Thursday, August 22, 2019
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Electoral politics aren’t enough

If you’re politically active, you might have noticed that most popular political organizations on college campuses center on things like “calling representatives”...

Democrats fail to represent voter needs

Editor's Note: In a statement attained from Representative Susan Wild's office, as of February 15, she is a co-sponsor for the bill...

Corporations don’t care about social justice — just profit

Like most political situations in America, it seems like there are only two sides on how to treat Nike's advertisement with Colin Kaepernick, the...

“Sorry to Bother You” makes common sense out of communism

The last few years of American politics have proven that "socialism" and "communism" aren't exactly the dirty words they used to be. Increasing frustration...

Eighth Grade is a refreshing look at social anxiety

It's no secret that the film industry is desperately in need of films that treat mental illnesses with the respect and nuance they deserve....

The Florida Project snubbed for Best Picture Oscar

The Academy Awards made history this season with Get Out’s nomination, a movie committed to using tropes of the Academy’s notoriously-hated genres, horror and...