So you think ‘Berg can dance?

who will be crowned berg’s next biggest dance icon?

the announced So You Think Berg Can Dance contestants as of Wed., May 3 | photos courtesy of @bergmta on Instagram

This coming Friday, May 5, 2023 at 11:59pm, the Muhlenberg Theatre Association (MTA) will be hosting the first “So You Think ‘Berg Can Dance” competition in the Seegers Union Event Space. Inspired by the hit Fox reality competition, “Dancing With The Stars,” representatives from each performance ensemble and each a cappella group on campus will pair up with a seasoned Muhlenberg dancer to perform a duet in a unique dance style. 

The teams are being announced one-by-one throughout the week, but the announced pairings include Lindsay Sherrick ‘25 and Julia De Vita ‘23 representing Team Dynamics; Lily Knowles ‘23 and Joe Grisanzio ‘23 representing Team Songcycle; Kayla Grammerstorf ‘24 and Dylan DeMagistris ‘24 representing Team Noteworthy; Katrina Binks ‘24 and Nate Stratton ‘23 representing team Acafellas; Keanna Peña ‘25 and Joey Marcacci ‘23 representing Team M.I.A. (Muhlenberg Improv Association); and Grace Sellinger ‘25 and Jules Curtis ‘25 representing Team G.A.S.P. (Great American Songbook Project).

“The range of charities being supported is also fantastic, and will be extremely beneficial across the board regardless of who wins.”

-Joe Grisanzio ’23

Each of the duos is assigned a color, and in order to show support for a team, audience members have been instructed through the MTA’s social media to wear the designated color of the team they wish to represent.

The competition will feature duos taking on a wide variety of dance genres and styles, including jazz, heels, ballet, hip-hop, step and K-pop, with even more to be announced as the week progresses.

“I’m excited to see everyone’s work and get to witness a variety of dance styles on display,” said Grisanzio. “The range of charities being supported is also fantastic, and will be extremely beneficial across the board regardless of who wins.”

Proceeds from the event will be donated to charities, and each duo will decide upon a different organization to support during the event. Some of the organizations the event will be supporting include the Ashley Hope Foundation, Habitat for Humanity, Broadway for Racial Justice, The Lunchbox Fund, The Trevor Project and DDing Dong LGBTQ Youth Support Center.

“I’m most looking forward to performing and showing that if you really dedicate yourself, you can dance,” explained Peña, about her performance with Marcacci. “I’m really excited to perform with Joey. He’s really fun to work with and is dedicated to putting on a good performance and practicing. It’s lovely to work with someone who really respects this art form and respects its cultural significance and background.”

Knowles explained, “I’m most excited to see dance extending to people who maybe don’t typically take a dance class or are involved with the program. It’s a really awesome chance to bring people together with a fun and supportive competition for charity.”

Danny Milkis '23 is a Media & Communication student at Muhlenberg who has a specific interest in writing and journalism. In high school, he took part in extracurricular writing whenever possible, and received a Metropolitan Award nomination for his work as a Student Performing Arts Critic. He is ecstatic to have joined the staff of talented writers and editors at the Muhlenberg Weekly, and is excited to learn from this wonderful group of knowledgeable individuals throughout his time at Muhlenberg.


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