MAC takes on Broadway

One short day in New York City to see “SIX,” the Broadway musical

The Muhlenberg Activities Council (MAC) organized a trip to New York City where students watched the musical "SIX." Photo by Johnny Veglia '24.

Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived! Muhlenberg Activities Council (MAC) brought students to see the famous rhyme live at “SIX,” the Broadway musical that retells the story of the six wives of King Henry VIII by turning them into pop music stars. “SIX” has won 23 awards, including the TONY award for best original score, and has proven to be a popular show. The musical is fun and upbeat while also allowing for these queens to reclaim the narrative and to do a “history remix.” 

MAC’s visit to see “SIX” took place on Saturday, Mar. 2, with the bus departing from campus at 10 a.m. Tickets for the experience were $55 per attendee and included a ticket to see the show, along with transportation to and from New York City (NYC). 

“It’s so awesome that the school is able to provide students with subsidized experiences like this because it really lowers financial barriers that make access to Broadway shows and other experiences so difficult otherwise. I know that for myself personally, I couldn’t afford a Broadway show while still in school, but I’ve been wanting to see ‘SIX’ for so long and I’m glad that Muhlenberg was able to make that happen for me before I graduated,” stated Rebekah Ayre ‘24. 

After about two hours of commuting to the “Big Apple,” students had the flexibility to explore NYC and have some fun. Given the arrival time, students could enjoy a meal in the city, amongst other activities.

Ayre continued, “And it was obviously so fun to get to be in New York for the day. My friend and I got some delicious food and walked around Broadway a little before the show, so it was the perfect day.”

Previous MAC musical trips to NYC include “Wicked” this past fall to celebrate 20 years of the iconic musical and also “Moulin Rouge” during the spring of ‘23. The “Moulin Rouge” trip did not incorporate free time for students to wander the city. It was the same price of $55, but the bus left campus at 12 p.m., instead of 10 a.m., on Saturday, Mar. 5, 2023, and required students to eat beforehand.

“While it was super rainy in the city, I had a great time exploring with my friends beforehand- especially because one of my friends had never been to NYC before,” stated Emma Northrop ‘27. “It was so fun to see the city through new eyes. We were able to visit different cafes, stores and even get lunch at a great empanada place (I totally recommend Empanada Mama).”

Following this excitement in the city, attendees then gathered at the Lena Horne Theatre to enter for the 3 p.m. matinee of the musical. Students who arrived around 2:30 p.m., and earlier, were greeted with a long line that wrapped around the block. After waiting in the rain, students then gathered inside the theatre and found their seats. 

Merchandise, beverages and other elements welcomed students along with the traditional Broadway playbills. Then the curtain was ripped away and the show began, revealing the six queens: Catherine of Aragon (Khaila Wilcoxon), Anne Boleyn (Storm Lever), Jane Seymour (Jasmine Forsberg), Anne of Cleves (Olivia Donalson), Katherine Howard (Didi Romero) and Catherine Parr (Gabriela Carrillo).

Megan Block ‘26 stated, “From the very second the show began, I was hooked. The ‘queens’ are amazing singers and actresses, I had a blast! It felt like an actual concert and I’ve been listening to the songs 24/7!”

“I’m lucky enough to have seen ‘SIX’ once before this, and I can honestly say it was just as amazing, if not more so, the second time. Catherine of Aragon in particular was incredible,” continued Northrop.

Following the musical, students had about an hour before the bus returned to pick them up at 5:30 p.m. to take them back to ‘Berg.

Northrop concluded, “There was about an hour after the show and when the bus showed up that was slightly awkward, however, as there was not enough time to truly go anywhere far but too much time to stand around doing nothing. If I could change anything about the trip, it would be that waiting period. Overall, though, I would go on the trip again in a heartbeat!”

Johnny '24 is a Theatre and Media and Communication double major at 'Berg. He loves to highlight the voices of artists across campus and to showcase the wide variety of events at Muhlenberg. He likes to think he is funny, but that is up for debate.


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