Exploring the world of an Artist: Introducing Maria Horvath

Cole Geissler/The Muhlenberg Weekly

A story can be told in many ways and expressed through many mediums. It can be told as a book, as a tall tale, and even further, as simply a picture. In this feature, I had the pleasure to meet Mariah Horvath ‘18 and learn about her art, her aspirations, and her pursuits. Join us as we explore the evolution and experience that is being an arts major on campus.

  1. Who are you?


I’m Maria Horvath, a Studio Arts major and pre-vet student. I’m graduating May 2018.


  1. What kinds of art do you like to create? Why?


My concentration is drawing, specifically figure drawing, though I did sculptures as my media for my CUE. I concentrated in drawing because I loved how a collection of marks on a piece of paper could create a realistic 3D image and create something out of nothing.


  1.  What does being an art major mean in Muhlenberg? To you? Or in general?


Since we are a small department, each art major gets to know each [other] and faculty members well. Being an art major to me means being able to express myself and topics I’m interested in through my pieces. Each class helps us to explore our passions in more depth, even those that are in Art History versus studio art.


  1.  Do you have a particular piece, or memory of making that piece, that you would like to share?


During my first studio class my freshman year we had to pose and take a picture of ourselves in a wild costume/pose and then draw it on a 18X24 inch scale. This was when I decided to become an art major and concentrate in drawing after I fell in love with recreating images and rendering models during the class as well.


  1.  Would you like to leave some advice or suggestions for future art majors/minors?


For future art majors and minors: always make artwork that has meaning to you. The best advice I received during my college time was that successful artworks have meaning to them; sometimes you may know immediately what that meaning is and sometimes it evolves while you create it.


Each of us as students enter this college campus with a goal in mind and idea of what we may or may not want to become once we graduate. Whether we enter as a pre-med student or Philosophy major, our ideals and methods are modified by the professors and fellow undergraduates we encounter. Maria Horvath is an example of one of the many of us who are about to conclude our college journey; it was a pleasure to hear and share her story.

Lauren Mazur, member of the class of 2019, serves as the co-editor of the Arts & Culture section. Now a Junior, she is a double major in English and Music as well as a part of the Pre-Law program.


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