Cafe Frais review: An up-and-coming campus hotspot


Walking briskly down the street on one of our first blustery days of the year, I was elated to find a warm glow of light penetrating the damp fall air. The promise of a new off-campus hangout had been taunting me for weeks, so I was elated to find I could finally enter after a week or so of planned detours to inspect progress.

On entering, the place is relatively small, but neat, cozy and clean. The decor, tasteful yet playful, creates an inviting atmosphere. Though the seating is a bit limited, the couches are comfortable, and the large windows that span the front of the shop allow for a street view.

Being from the Hudson Valley in New York myself, I am used to a balance of local and organic fare paired with the sophistication that oozes up from the city. I was pleased to find that Cafe Fraís is a little taste of home.

The menu was a pleasant surprise, hosting a variety of breakfast options ranging from breakfast burritos to greek yogurt parfaits to smoothies. I found myself staring at the menu for a good five minutes in deep debate about what I would have. Ending up with a multigrain breakfast sandwich and coffee, I was content to find that although simple, everything was fresh and of quality.

The smoothies are next on my list to try. Consisting mainly of frozen fruit, it was a pleasant shock to actually find a healthy smoothie without the many sugar-laden additives that usually lurk within the “health” drink. Although I did not order one, I was offered a taste, and it was refreshing and not too sweet. Always eager about the prospect of new smoothie add-ins, I was excited to see a whole list consisting of everything from hemp seeds to spirulina.

The staff is altogether friendly and attentive. With a greeting from just about every one of them as I entered and throughout my time there, I began to feel as if this could be my place, the place where everybody knows my name; this could be my Cheers! Whether that familiarity will come from their conscientious attitudes or the sheer amount of time and money I plan to spend here is up to interpretation.

Ultimately, I am ecstatic about this new addition to our campus life and am confident that it will remain here as a staple for years to come. I wish the best of luck to this new member of community, and I plan to show my support by sitting in my favorite spot (yes, I already have one) and becoming their main consumer of coffee.

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