Artist of the Week

Introducing Renee Levine


Renee Audrey ‘22, who is a student majoring in Media and Communications and considering a Spanish major or minor, is an artist of the people.

As a member of the Muhlenberg community, Renee is a member of WMUH and has her own radio show called Fine Tuned. According to Renee, Fine Tuned is a show that “features some alternative music, pop music.” Levine further explains how she particularly likes  “to provide commentary about the songs that are being played, about the history of the bands that I’m playing on the radio, and the significance of the songs.”

With her radio show, she is giving her audience her analysis of the songs. She hopes that she can “connect more to the audience members with the songs she is playing.”  

Music is one of the great ways people can come together and bond over their shared interests. It was during June advising when Renee heard about WMUH, and she knew that this was something she needed to do when she came to campus.

“In my first [semester] I was originally a chem major on the pre-med track, but I realized that was something I didn’t want to do. I grew up with doctors on both sides of my family. I’m the first one to go against the grain and into communications,” Renee said.  

It was during her first semester of freshman year that Levine became an official member of WMUH. Renee considers WMUH as one of the most important things in her life. While WMUH is a crucial part of her life, she also enjoys taking part in other activities. Renee mentions how she plays guitar and how she has been singing since she was four years old. She has always been interested in different forms of art. Music has always been a part of her life. Her father and sister also have an interest in music, and that also inspired her to partake in her radio show.

There’s a process that goes on before Renee goes on air. Renee mentions how she would look at her own playlist and think about the songs that will go well with each other.

“With those songs, I compose another playlist and would listen to that playlist throughout the day. I would jot down little notes about the songs and their meanings,” said Levine.

The songs she picks are not chosen at random. Each song she selects is a song that she believes is actually interesting and impactful.

“Each song I choose is based on societal issues that I believe the world should be more aware of,” said Levine.

After the song selection, she goes on air where she gives a brief history of each song that is played and the history of the artist so the audience can have a bit more background on the songs in which they are listening.

Whenever Levine plays her selected songs, it is like she is sharing parts of herself to the Muhlenberg community. She believes that “communicating to an audience is one of the most amazing things someone could do.”

Not only is Levine part of WMUH, she is also involved with the broadcasting channel and the Jewish Learning Fellowship with the Hillel on campus. She loves staying close to her Jewish community. Levine is quite active on campus with her radio show, broadcasting channel, and her involvement with the Hillel.

Along with her activities, she is also currently taking five classes this semester. When asked how can she handled such a workload, Renee answered in a true college student fashion: “I go to bed late and wake up semi-early time. And drink a lot of coffee.”

Renee hopes to do something in broadcasting or television after she graduates, so being part of a radio show is giving her experience for the future. She mentions that she was able to obtain an internship at iHeartRadio this summer and hopes that the internship will grant her more opportunities to network.
As a freshman, she is already doing amazing things and is lucky to figure out what she wants to do in her first year. With her radio show, Fine Tuned, Renee is already achieving her goal to leave her mark on Muhlenberg College. Please tune in to Fine Tuned on Thursday evenings from 4-6 p.m.


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