A family affair

[Left to right] Max May '23, Ted May, and Ryan May '24 at Scotty Wood Stadium.

It’s a Saturday morning at Scotty Wood Stadium. As fans and parents find their seats in the stands, a familiar face has already found his spot. That spot, which hasn’t changed over the past five seasons, is seated at midfield. Ted May observes warm-ups like he does every week. Sporting his Muhlenberg lacrosse quarter zip, May chats with fellow parents about the matchup ahead, eager for the first faceoff! 

Ted May is more than just a parent to his sons Max May ‘23 and Ryan May ‘24. He is their number-one supporter both in the classroom and on the playing field. The Mays have etched their family name into the identity of the Muhlenberg men’s lacrosse program over the past five seasons. Behind his children’s on-field success is a dedicated and passionate father. 

Ted May acknowledges the pitfalls of overly demanding expectations from parents of their children – that is something he has always strived to avoid. Instead, he approaches being a parent and a fan from a place of support, “There is a fine line. You want your kids to succeed and understand that they have an opportunity to produce and be seen. Everyone has to know their kids’ abilities and support them without pressuring them to do things.”

Being proud of your kids and supporting them in whatever place they are in on and off the field is extremely important. He has seen firsthand the highs and lows of his children’s athletic careers at Muhlenberg and has been by their side every step of the way. 

Muhlenberg has been a place to call home for the past five years for the May family. Ted May’s love for the school has much to do with “the lacrosse program. It’s the people. It’s great, it’s the boys who make the team. It’s the parents, it’s the kids. The relationships you make are more important than the program– those relationships make the program.” The people and the incredible atmosphere on game days are what truly create a sense of community for May and his family. He added, “The bonds that we have made here are truly special and [I] know they will last a lifetime.” 

The men’s lacrosse program will be heading to Colorado for their spring break trip next week, taking on Colorado College on Mar. 13 and SUNY Cortland on Mar. 16. 


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