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Processing impeachment

On Friday, Nov. 15, the non-partisan club BergVotes hosted a roundtable discussion on impeachment. At the roundtable, Dr. Lanethea Mathews-Schultz, Department Chair...

Opening the door to conversation

The Center for Ethics held its opening event of this year’s program: Borders, Nationalisms, Identities: The Ethics of Global Citizenship, on Tuesday,...

Glitter in the face of civility

In the wee hours of the morning on St. Patrick’s Day, President Trump tapped out some tweets that, as usual, made headlines....

Electoral politics aren’t enough

If you’re politically active, you might have noticed that most popular political organizations on college campuses center on things like “calling representatives”...

Democrats fail to represent voter needs

Editor's Note: In a statement attained from Representative Susan Wild's office, as of February 15, she is a co-sponsor for the bill...

The catalyst for change

Another week of bloodshed. Another week of mourning. Another week of fruitless political debate. And yet another week of devastating inaction. No longer do Americans...

Why study abroad in Washington DC?

“I think sometimes we take for granted the experiences we can get in America,” Maye-gan Brown ‘20, said as she made herself dinner in...

Half a degree to demise

“PLANET HAS ONLY UNTIL 2030 TO STEM CATASTROPHIC CLIMATE CHANGE, EXPERTS WARN” screamed an Oct. 8 headline on CNN. According to the research in the...

Trump’s popularity and reflections on recent elections

It’s been almost 10 months since Donald Trump was sworn into office as the 45th President of the United States, and he is, by...

A need for speaker diversity

As someone who was a split-ticket voter in the 2016 Presidential and Gubernatorial elections, I commonly walk the line between progressive and conservative politics....