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Artist of the Week

Renee Audrey ‘22, who is a student majoring in Media and Communications and considering a Spanish major or minor, is an artist...

Artist of the week:

“Video game music is what I have been listening to ever since I got into playing video games,” said Gabe Walsh-Shore ‘22.

Artist of the Week: Steven Smith

In honor of Black History Month, students across campus are working in tandem to properly celebrate and inform the Muhlenberg community. One...

Artist of the Week: WMUH’s Michelle Rajan

Michelle Rajan ‘21 is a student of multiple talents and aspirations. Studying as a Neuroscience major with a creative writing minor, Rajan...

Artist of the week: Hannah Polaski

Hannah Polaski ‘21 discovered her passion for singing classical music three years ago — and she has not looked back since. “I’ve...

Artist of the Week presents Thomas Miller

“My personal philosophy is the audience is the most important thing in theater, otherwise you can just watch a movie or read...

On her terms

Rachel Norman is a senior currently studying “abroad” in the New York City theatre program. She has taken this time off-campus to focus on...

Artist of the Week: Marie Grace Imanariyo

Not one to put herself in the spotlight, Marie Grace Imanariyo ‘20 had kept her talents under the radar at Muhlenberg college. A computer...

Artist of the Week: Shan Jameson

Shan Jameson ‘19, a Media and Communications major and Art Studio minor, is busy inside and outside the classroom. She is a member of...

Artist of the Week: Tongyao Su ’19

“I have tried to do portraits, but they don’t have an influence on me. The human figure freaks me out,” said Tongyao Su ’19. Senior...