What I Did This Summer Vacation


My summer vacation was fun. I did a lot of fun things. I spent a lot of time with my family. My grandmamma came to visit and she gave me $20 for being so sweet. I put it in the bank because I am big and must save for a house. My brother helped me to read the book “Where the Wild Things Are.” It was a good book but I did not understand things about it. What was the boy Max the king of? He wore a crown but never did king things. I hope to be able to read it again next summer on my own.

I did many things this summer. I went to the zoo. It was very nice to see all the animals. So many animals. I saw a lion a tiger and a bear. Oh my. Haha. That was a joke. I saw none of those animals. I did see an elephant and it was very big and then a bigger elephant came and the first elephant does not look as big anymore. The reptile room was very scary. I did not cry. That was a lie that the snakes told. My brother said he saw me crying but that was because HE was actually crying and not me and he was just looking at his tears on my face. He is the baby for crying at the snakes and not me. I actually like snakes and I don’t want to talk about it. I did throw up where there was toads and frogs but I was not scared I was sick because I ate dip and dots and corn dogs.

I did throw up where there was toads and frogs but I was not scared I was sick because I ate dip and dots and corn dogs.

It was my birthday this summer. I went to the movies with a lot of friends. Josh, Derek, Bruce, and Kurtis were there. I am sorry if I did not invite you to this. I was not allowed to bring any girls because they slept over after and also my house is not big enough for more people. Josh got me a mood ring. Derek got me toy cars. Bruce got me a shirt that said “My other shirt is also awesome” and it has a cool dog on it with a skateboard. I am wearing it right now. Thank you Bruce. Kurtis got me socks. Kurtis is not my friend now. We watched Ratatouille. It was very funny. I liked when the old woman almost shot the main rat with a shotgun. Kurtis keeps saying I cried when the old woman was shooting Mr. Rat but I didn’t. He is just being mean because he is mad at me. He’s a liar and a bad friend.

On the last day of summer I went swimming in the ocean for the first time. It was scary. I saw a crab and it tried to hurt me. I ran away from it. A nice old man helped me find my family again. My mom made me give him my favorite shell I found as a thank you. The shell was very rare and worth a lot of money. I gave it to him anyway. I wish I didn’t give him my money shell. When we went to leave I didn’t want to go because I didn’t want to be at school again. I ran into the ocean and swam to Europe. I don’t remember getting to Europe but I did. My parents got me from Europe and brought me back to the beach where I woke up and my chest hurt a lot because of how much I was swimming.

I am ok to be back in school. My summer was fun and I hope it comes again soon. Thank you for reading, if you liked this please tell me in a note in my cubby hole or on Facebook.com.

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