This is to my friends back home:


I love you

I love you when we would all explore the city together and you would walk me home afterward

I love you when you would come to my house in the summers and just sit outside on the steps and talk with me

I love you when you picked me up from the train after work because a girl my size just can’t walk home alone at 10 pm 

I love you for putting me on to The Weeknd because yes

I love you and your glasses and insistent desire to wear all black, even in the summer

I love you

I remember when you held my hand as we ran through 34th St.

Our palms were so sweaty but you didn’t let go

It might’ve been because back then I was not athletic at all and you wanted me to keep up, but I remember the way we weaved through people you leading the way

I remember when you taught me how to ride a bike in Central Park and you wouldn’t give up 

I remember how excited you were for me when I got it

Then last summer when you and I and our friends would ride Citi bikes together in the city, you would always make me ride in front of you because you were always scared that I’d fall behind and I’d die or something 

You always took care of me

When I came back to the city for her birthday and there was no way we’d see each other, 

we meet at Broadway Junction and were going in opposite directions 

I was going home and you were going out

Yet we still stopped for twenty minutes to talk

and when my train finally came, we instinctively looked at each other and said I love you at the same time

I love you I love you and your laugh and your nose piercing that you were scared your parents would disown you for

I love you

when you buy me strawberry acais and when you forced me to try an iced chai (which is now my favorite drink)

when we can just go by the water and read

The fact that you read for fun just makes me love you even more

When we split a pizza together and buy books together 

When we make plans just to see each other

When I gave you that frame with a collage of all of our favorite places and you cried in the middle of the park and it made me cry and we were just standing in the park crying and hugging 

I love you and your blond hair and the way you hug me

I love you

I love you when we work on homework together, I swear you make me smarter

When we would organize everything, and make college dorm lists together

I love you for making “miss girl” my new catchphrase, which is getting me in trouble btw 

When you would ask me for book recommendations and inspire me to be better

I love you and your braids and glasses

And lastly, I love you

I love you because you love me

We are not the same person 

But sometimes we’d just look at each other and burst out laughing because even without words we knew what we were talking about 

You are my singing partner

My facetime buddy 

I don’t really know how to describe our relationship, 

But I love you, and your curly black hair and rusted necklace that you refuse to take of

I love you all

When I think of New York I think of you

I think of all the time we spent together

In Union Square


The Vessel

The hood 

Your car

You make home for me

You made me

I love you 


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