To follow Strategic Plan, Master Plan


Muhlenberg’s most recent strategic planning began in October 2016 and is moving towards completion.

The College has hired Wallace Roberts and Todd Design (WRT) to help in forming a Campus  Master Plan, which will act as a roadmap for the next 20 to 25 years in terms of development at Muhlenberg.

WRT employs architects, urban planners and landscape architects who work with colleges and universities to help them lay out development strategies for the future. Additionally, while this is the first time WRT is working with Muhlenberg, they are not unfamiliar with the Lehigh Valley as they currently work with Lafayette College.

The main goal of of the Master Plan is to follow the recently finalized Strategic Plan and give options on how to realize and improve it, as well as incorporating student, faculty and administrative feedback. This will be implemented and combined with the existing plans and infrastructure.

While many of the Master Plan’s suggestions are long term and unlikely to affect current students, there are aspects that may be implemented within the next five years. WRT also stresses that even though students may not see their suggestions immediately, there is still a need for their feedback as future students will be affected by the final recommendations.

To get a gauge of student opinions and suggestions, WRT has been meeting with student groups, including: athletes, RAs, Sustainability, Greek Life, Student Government and the Muhlenberg Theater and Dance Associations throughout the process. Additionally, they have created a short survey for students to complete; it can be found at:, under “Provide Feedback.”

Currently, the Master Plan is still in the drafting process and it will be submitted to the Board of Trustees by the end of the month. Following their feedback, it will be brought back to the faculty and staff and students for their thoughts with a final Master Plan being submitted to the Board in January. The Weekly will continue to follow the developments of the Master Plan and keep the community updated.


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