Sophia Echevarria (left) and Deja Frazier (right) study on newly added bean bag chairs. Sydney Coplin/The Muhlenberg Weekly

Trexler Library got a makeover this past summer as renovations were done throughout all three levels of the building.

Tina Hertel, Trexler Library director, described why the enhancements were made. She explained that much of the lounge furniture in Trexler was refurbished “generally because of age and wear and tear.”

In addition to the updates made to the more traditional pieces, such as the leather chairs and sofas — a favorite among library-goers — Hertel made it clear that the work did not stop there.

“I also wanted to incorporate different kinds of furniture in the library that we didn’t currently have. I thought students would like some fun and more casual seating as well.”

One of these exciting new additions are two sets of Swagr seat collaborations. “I like the view, and they’re very comfortable.” The Swagr seats, which are located on A-level near the windows, were definitely approved by Shannon Kirk ‘21. Another student, Emma Paitel ‘21, added that “the location is nice, and they are very modern.”

As well as the futuristic Swagr seats, eight large bean bags were placed throughout the B and C level reading terraces. Two students that were enjoying the comfort of the bean bags were Deja Frazier ‘21 and Sophia Echevarria ‘21, who both happily stated that they are “just the right size!”

The new, or newly refurbished, pieces of furniture were not the only upgrades made to the library. Hertel noted that there are also many resources that have actually been here for about a year or two, but many students have neglected to take advantage of them.

“Last year we installed a One-Button Studio, which makes it easy for students to do practice presentations, practice lines for a play, etcetera.”

Besides the easy-to-use production studio located on B-level, other technology advancements that have been made to the library include: new television monitors with Blue Ray DVD players, book scanners for easier scanning of books and articles and two mobile collaboration stations, just to name a few.

All of these features are part of what Hertel described as “the campus’s Strategic Plan as well as a new campus Master Plan that will have a strong focus on learning and study spaces across campus.”

Part of the Plan definitely requires feedback. Hertel encourages students to analyze how the library resources and furniture are helping (or not helping) their study experience, and then report their thoughts. Her goal is also for students to be more informed.

“I would like students to be more aware of the variety of study spaces in the library and that these spaces, technologies and services are really for them and to help them with their study needs.”


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