On Saturday, Nov. 7th, Joseph R. Biden, the Democratic candidate, was projected to be the winner of the 2020 election. Pennsylvania, a swing state, and its 20 electoral votes were called for Biden on Saturday morning, pushing him over the 270 electoral mark necessary to win. Muhlenberg students shared their reactions to the election outcome.

“Relieved, content, and ready for the future. There is so much work to be done!” -Jill Lissner ‘21

“I’m very disappointed that there was not an overwhelming repudiation to attempts to subvert democratic norms and institutions as well as egregious policies of the Trump administration.” -Matthew Wagner ‘23

“So happy. First time I’ve felt any sort of relief since March.” -Madeline de la Parra ‘23

“Relieved yet ready for the work that needs to be done.” -Isabel Molettieri ‘23

“Better than Trump, but also a little scared because Biden has a racist past and Harris sent a lot of Black people to jail.” -Giovanni Merrifield ‘23

“Honestly just feel like I can breathe again and I’m allowed to just exist.” -Bella Pansera ‘23

“So happy Biden/Harris won. Don’t know what I would do if Trump won.” -Sarah Krell ‘21

“I was happy Biden won because he is the best choice for our country.” -Emily Orlich ‘24

“Relieved.” -Josh Levin ‘24


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