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Hey, besties! Welcome to this week’s edition of Paige’s Page! This week has been a wild ride, and I am so excited to get into questions! We do not have a theme for this week which I think is so fun because I get a chance to answer some more really great questions from all of you! Let’s get into it!

How do I go about making plans with people?

Hi, bestie! Thank you so much for asking this question. I know making plans to spend time with friends and even acquaintances can be difficult with all of the other things we have going on every day. The easiest way I think to do this here is to plan meals. Everyone has to eat! If you have consistent meal plans that you don’t want to change, make plans to work together in GQ or a C-level room in the library. Last week, I had to clean my room and fold my laundry. I invited friends to sit on my bed while I did my tasks and that was a really fun way to spend time with them while being productive. I also have a lot of friends I can just sit and exist with and I think that is a really great way to just be in the presence of those you want to be around without even necessarily needing to speak. I promise your friends are so excited to see you and spend as much time with you as they can! Send that text, bestie! 

I keep falling for really unhealthy people and I’m sick of it even though I feel very healthy? How can I upgrade and stop falling into this awful cycle?

Hey, bestie! This is a really tough question. I definitely relate to how you are feeling, and I have had to learn to know my worth. You need to know yourself and evaluate potential partners in comparison to yourself. Take things slow and protect your heart until you feel safe and comfortable. Also know that it is okay to wait for the right person to come to you in time. 

What are your going out essentials?

Hey, bestie! I love this question so much! In general, the things I need when I leave my room consist of a very shortlist. However, the occasion plays a large part in the way I pack my bag. Of course, I cannot leave without my tote bag—I alternate between a reusable Trader Joe’s bag or a bag that aggressively reads, “Recycle or Die.” Inside my bag, I have my keys, a mask, my umbrella (because it was rainy this weekend) and a water bottle. When I wear makeup, I keep my beauty blender, blotting powder and whatever lipstick or lipgloss I’m wearing. Keep it light! No one wants to schlep a heavy bag around campus. 
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