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Hey besties! Welcome to this week’s edition of Paige’s Page! If you happened to be at the SIT Open Mic Night on Friday–a special hello to you! I decided to do a test run for Paige’s Page Live, and, not to toot my own horn or anything but I kind of slayed *hair flip.* There, I was asked a fantastic relationship question, and that seems to be something that is at the forefront of all of your minds right now, so let’s get into it! 

Hi Paige! I am a Sagittarius and the guy I am interested in is a Capricorn. I feel like we’re doomed to fail. Am I being paranoid?

 Hey bestie! I love this question so, so, so much! I actually have never gotten an astrology question here, so I am so excited that I am getting one now! As a Sagittarius myself, I have mixed feelings about this. I tend to be attracted to the same few zodiac signs, and Capricorn happens to be one of them, despite the fact that I typically don’t get along with them on a personal level. Even though I have a deep love for astrology, I don’t really believe in astrological compatibility (don’t tell the astrology haters). I think that you may not be doomed to fail and here are some reasons why *astrologically.* As a Sagittarius, you are probably spontaneous and maybe impulsive when you want to be, you may be outgoing, but you need your alone time to recharge; on a night out, you enjoy getting ready and maybe a side adventure. This person, as a Capricorn, might be more stable or structured in their day-to-day lives, they may like a plan and they want to stick to it; they might appreciate the art of the Irish goodbye. You can bring alternate features out of each other. You might learn to really need their grounding, and they may really need your ability to live in the moment. You aren’t paranoid to think this won’t work, you’re probably just scared about the possibility of committing to something like many of us Sagittarius’ happen to be. 

 Hey Paige, online dating??? 

Hi bestie! This is not a question… however I have wanted to talk about this so I will be doing that now. I touched lightly on this in Paige’s Page a couple of weeks ago, so I will try to not repeat myself. I hate the concept of online dating with a burning passion, and that is partly because I want to have a meet-cute or be set up by my friends with someone who isn’t creepy or rude. On top of that, I am the worst texter and I am not really looking for a pen pal, and online dating kind of feels too much like a game. I think online dating works wonderfully for a lot of people. I know so many people that met their significant others on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, etc. Some people; however, just aren’t built for that, and that is how I see myself. I love seeing people I know on these apps though because I find it really interesting to see how they want others to perceive them, but then I realize they are probably thinking the same thing about me which is terrifying. I have two major pieces of advice about online dating from my limited experience. I can really only tell you what I do and do not like. Firstly, if you are in a class with someone and you have never once spoken to them, do not like them on Hinge (especially not several times), they do think it’s weird and they will tell your whole class about you. Secondly, don’t lie if you aren’t actually looking for something with people that are. It’s weird and being inauthentic hurts you more than it hurts the person whose time you are wasting. I don’t know if this was helpful at all so let me know! 

Hi Paige, I want to be more confident and take more initiative in my love life but I am scared to approach men I don’t know when I go out because I don’t know if they are in a relationship and I don’t want to embarrass myself. How do I deal with this?

 Hey bestie! This is such a fantastic question! Good for you for wanting to take control of situations where you do not traditionally have the upper hand, I think this is so cool! I personally do not have much experience with this because I go about this very differently, but I think the basics are the same. I would start by asking myself a couple of questions:

  1. Does this person look like they are here with another person?
  2. Does this person look like they are open to other people talking to them? 
  3. Do they seem to be looking in your general direction? 

If you think you have answered these questions in a way that leads you to the conclusion of TALK TO ME then go for it! Taking that power comes with the possibility of rejection, so that is something you have to be able to deal with a little bit. If the worst thing they say is that they are in a relationship, then you can say OK and move on with your life. I think the positives outweigh the negatives in this situation, so just go for it, maybe something fun can come out of it. 

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