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Hey, besties! Welcome to the first edition of Paige’s Page this semester! I really missed doing this over the summer! It’s really fun for me to get to answer your questions! For those of you that are reading Paige’s Page for the first time, welcome to Muhlenberg! I’m Paige and I love giving advice that I have no authority to give. I don’t know about all of you but I am personally having a really interesting time readjusting to life here. And while it is my last semester and I should be capable of doing that at this point, I feel like I’m coming in with fresh eyes. A lot of you have sent me questions about returning back to campus and I am so excited to answer them, so let’s get into it!

Hi, Paige! How do I make the most of my senior year and not overload myself with commitments?

Hey, bestie! I actually think that I am finally equipped to answer this question! I think that every person that attends this fine institution can confidently say that overloading yourself with commitments is what makes Muhlenberg students, Muhlenberg students. While that certainly is not a lie, it is also so unbelievably unhealthy. Make the most of your time here but also be aware of your mental health. Being constantly physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted can tend to do more harm than good. Just remember that all of this is temporary. Do things that make you feel fulfilled, and if that means being really busy for a couple of weeks then so be it. You can always catch up on your sleep, you can do self-care regularly and you can make sacrifices to make yourself feel better. Being a senior is hard; it feels like there’s this need to do everything we haven’t gotten to do before we leave.  However, that can also be the most fun part. Do those things, create new memories and be stupid because you can. This year I am choosing chaos, and I’m doing everything for the plot. Be spontaneous and say yes to everything because you can. Have fun! (Also, I recognize this entire response is a contradiction, but so is existing at this College so that is OK.)

Hey, Paige. I want to graduate early and save money for grad school but it feels really scary. I know you are graduating early so can you give me some advice?

Hi, bestie! Congratulations on making this decision for yourself! Speaking personally, I understand this fear because I have been anxious about it since I decided I wanted to graduate early freshman year. I am planning on going to law school next fall and higher education is insanely expensive as I’m sure all of us know. I have always been someone who gets lost thinking about the future, and I am just now learning how to live in the moment and take everything day by day. Thinking about graduation doesn’t help with that very much. I love Muhlenberg. The routine is so helpful and living with my friends so close to me is like living in an adult playdate every single day. The leadership opportunities I have been given are unlike anything 18-year-old Paige could have ever imagined. But I am ready to take that step into the real world full of unknowns. Now, you have to decide if you are too. No matter what you decide to do, it literally will not matter in five, 10, 15 years from now so do what you need to do and don’t think about the way your future self will feel.  Your future self has so many incredible experiences ahead of them and Muhlenberg is just a step toward the person you will be. 

Hi, Paige. Do you have any tips for being confident? 

Hey, bestie! I love this question! From a really young age my parents have instilled in me that confidence is something that I need in order to function as a person in this world. I have always been called conceited and I used to see that as a character flaw. I eventually realized it’s just something other people don’t possess and that makes them feel insecure, and that is literally not my problem. Without this so-called cockiness, Paige’s Page would not exist so you are all welcome. I think that being confident is a real mindset shift and if you tell yourself that you are amazing and perfect at everything enough times it becomes true. Everyone has moments where they feel insecure and unsure of themselves but that’s really normal and totally okay. However, learning where your strengths are and focusing on things, and more importantly relationships that make you feel confident should be what you prioritize. If you don’t like yourself sometimes, that’s so okay! Sit and reflect for a little bit with that feeling and then put on some Doja Cat or Megan Thee Stallion and believe that you are strong and beautiful, and you can do whatever you want. Stop caring what other people think of you because their opinions don’t mean anything, and people that have bad things to say are more than likely jealous of you and your ability to live life on your terms. You slay, don’t forget it. 

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