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Hey besties! Happy last weekly edition of the semester. Obviously, you can’t see me while I’m writing this but it is a really bittersweet experience to be saying this. I am lucky enough to have one more semester at Muhlenberg, but so many people’s time here is winding down. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have been given to write this column for you all to read every week and I’m so excited to have more time to continue to answer your questions. As I am constantly reminded that my days here are numbered, I am also drowning in papers, tests and social obligations. My head is all over the place and thus I finally arrive at our theme for this week, which is there is no theme. You have all asked me some really interesting questions so let’s get started! 

Hi Paige! How do I navigate picking classes for next semester? There are so many classes that I want to take but I also need to fill my GARs and not overwhelm myself.

Hey bestie, I know I may be a little late on this one, but because open registration starts this week, I think it gives you a lot of time to maybe reevaluate the courses you picked for this upcoming semester. My freshman year, my FYS advisor and I created a chart of the classes I needed to take and when I would need to take them to be on track and that helped me a lot, even though I was in three different majors with three different sets of requirements my freshman year. Seeing your time laid out in front of you allows you to see where gaps exist where you can take fun classes. Honestly, I wasn’t really the best at this because I have always been the kind of person that is very future-oriented, and this did not allow me to have as much fun as I would have liked with regard to my classes. However, this upcoming semester, which is my last, I am taking super fun classes that are taking me out of my comfort zone. If I were you, I would not wait like I did to have a chance to do that. Create a balance for yourself, because if you don’t have any classes you look forward to, you aren’t going to feel motivated to excel which is really hard if you are the kind of person asking this question. Good luck!  

Hey Paige, I have a really hard time adjusting to home life vs. school life whenever we go on break or home for summer. I miss college life and my friends here even though I love home. How do you find a good balance?

Hi bestie, I get this so much! I don’t know if this is something that other people experience, but I am the worst person probably ever at keeping in touch. It is a quality that I really don’t like about myself, but a lot of the time, if I’m not being continually reminded that you are there and you like me, I will likely not reach out. Same goes for my home friends, I don’t speak to most of them unless I’m home. Adjusting between the two spaces is incredibly difficult. I know for me and many of my friends, being home especially after quarantining for so long, and existing in the bedrooms where they grew up for long periods of time can be so scary and really difficult to do because it feels like a regression. At college, I have gained so much independence and I have really grown into myself, and while I love my hometown it can be hard to bring that feeling back home sometimes. Being home over the summer can be especially hard because my friends here are so scattered that a lot of times I don’t know what to do with myself. At school, I always have a person to grab a meal with or sit and talk to but we all have our own lives outside of the “Muhlenbubble.” With all of that being said, I think the best way I have found to adjust to breaks is to find times where you and your friends can meet to spend time together. Obviously that won’t be as regular, but that time together is so special. Also, find places that are special for you, by yourself in your hometown or the general area of your hometown. For example I have a favorite coffee shop, a favorite thrift store, and multiple favorite driving paths that whenever I need an escape I can rely on those places to be like a bridge between the place I am and the place I may want to be. To return to the beginning of my answer, reach out to your friends, FaceTime, text, send each other TikToks that remind you of them. Appreciate your time apart because it will make your time together even more fun and special.

Hi Paige, how do you handle a roommate who never contributes financially to any of the shared things? We have talked multiple times but I always end up paying.

Hey bestie! This is super tough! I’m so sorry this is happening to you. I’m surprised that talking about it has not created a change! This year my suitemates and I each put $20 each aside for things we may need for our shared space. I thought that was a great idea because then there is no issue with paying each other back because you can just use the shared money. I would maybe propose something like that so you don’t feel like you’re constantly asking them for money. If this does not work, maybe you both have to start owning things separately so that this is not a problem. If they have an issue with it you can maybe try having a conversation about shared resources again. I really hope that you’re able to work things out. 

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