Hey besties: The loss of meaning or perception?


Hey bestie!!!!!!!!!!!!

The term “bestie” can be heard anywhere, between friends and colleagues or random strangers who are too scared to get the name wrong of the person they are talking to. Now don’t get me wrong, I do this all the time myself and will still do so after this is published, but I think we are going to lose our sense of friendship and belonging.

Hey bestie!!!!!!!!!

How will we know someone is fond of us and not just saying hello on the way to class? Overall, I’m confused. Are we peers or are we more? If a “bestie” chooses to use “I love you” or other loving language every five minutes, do those words lose their meaning? I love the recognition and kind words, but are we just saying it to fill the void?

Hey bestie!!!!!!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for gender-inclusive language and I am so glad we are allowing everyone to feel included. The gender-neutral terms should definitely be celebrated, but should we really be calling everyone our best friend for life? I especially appreciate using “I love you” to male-identifying friends to combat toxic masculinity and to allow men to express their feelings and care. 

Hey bestie!!!!!

I am probably just being overdramatic, but it might also be the lack of assurance if someone likes me. I love making friends, but am I just being led-on to ask a question about a club activity or to put something in an email?

Hey bestie!!!!

At least the term is friendly and warm and it makes me smile… but do I even know you? Circling back to “I love you,” it’s a double-edged sword. The phrase becoming mainstream allows for people to be more comfortable and open with their friends and people they care about. However, should we really be saying it to someone who held the door open for five minutes? Also, when you walk into a store or into a theme park, do you really want this person you just met to be calling you a friend? 

Hey bestie!!!

I would just like to emphasize once again that I appreciate us being inclusive with our everyday language, but shouldn’t we say something when we mean it? Let’s celebrate our friends and those we love more often, but let’s just #bereal when we can. Well BeReal is another story altogether. 

Hey bestie!!

So long pals and let’s start using names maybe? I know it’s hard sometimes, I completely get it. I often get anxious I will say the wrong name, but at least we truly recognize each other with our names. 

Hey bestie!


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